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Code: HP-JD005 Size(CM): 2400x1500x750 Size(FT):78.7x49.2x24.6 Price(FOB):29620

Size: 2100x2400x450

Code: indoor-trampoline-hp-jd003

Adopt PVC soft material, this type of trampoline is quite safe and durable, Taking advantages of safety, high elasticity, high wear-resistance, it is popular both at home and oversea. The large trampoline park provides fun with fitness offer big challenge for children and adult.

Material: Jumping mat: imported from USA.

Tubes: galvanized, anti-rust.

Spring: super high strength.

Elastic rope: rubber inside and outside.

Installation: Professional CAD instruction, assembly procedure and project case.

Certifications: ISO9001, CE, EN1176,

Max User Weight: 220kg

Color: Customized.

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Trampoline World Activities Aggravates 
Children's Physical Fitness

The value of exercise is beyond imagination. We may say that the health 
of kids ranks first among all other things in their life. It is even more 
important when compared with children's score in their academic learning. It is 
a very silly thing to rely on the school to provide enough time for children's 
to do exercises. Actually, it is well-known truth that except for some physical 
classes, and in these classes, children are seldom taught about anything about 
the significance of physical exercise, sometimes, however, these classes were 
even replaced by other academic subjects. It is not overmuch to say that the 
chance for students to exercise is close to zero. Therefore, children need extra 
time after school to get physical exercise. I think the trampoline world will be 
an attractive one.

On the one hand, in the society full of competition, children devoted 
more than half of their time to studying. This means that they remain seated 
without moving around for more than ten hours. The growth of their muscles, 
skeletons and organs is largely limited. Another serious is that kids are more 
likely to become near-sighted than those who take exercises frequently. Why 
should we push our kids so hard and give them so many tasks to do? Can they live 
a balanced life of both study and exercise? Recently I learned form a survey 
that proper amount of exercise will benefit kids more than keep studying all the 
time. Therefore, spare one or two hours having fun in the trampoline world would 
on the contrary promote the efficiency of children's study.

On the other hand, pressure is the most common problem worrying both 
kids and parents. The only way out is to provide them with more freedom to 
choose a life they like. Hanging out with friends, going to a movie, doing 
exercises in the trampoline park...all these things work efficiently in reducing 
kids mental pressure and at the same time do good to their physical fitness. 
It's natural rule that a mother eagle would push his baby down to find cliff as 
they grow old enough to fly by themselves, otherwise they would never acquire 
the ability to fly in the high sky. The same is true of today's parents. It does 
little help to children if parents don't give them chance to fly by themselves. 

In summary, trampoline world is only a reflection of 
their need for exercises and many other things. What I am trying to express in 
this passage is that children's physical health overpass every other things in 
their life. 

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