Home Indoor Playground

Code:HP-A2006 Size(CM):1165x750x280 Size(FT):38.2x24.6x9.2 Price(FOB):9,700

This Home Indoor Playground special designed for kids under 8 years old. have one spiral slide and one zip line on second floor to slide down. On first floor have ball pit, trampoline, and climbing wall to activity, also have soft play equipment, rocking horse on ground.

This playground designed for MAGICABULA,SOCIETY ROCHA S.N.C

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Indoors playground

Let's Go To The Indoor Playground To celebrate The Children's Day

June 1st, a special day for children. Have you got the presents prepared for your kids? Have you got the place to have fun with them? Do you want to give them a joyful and impressed day? If so, then I think indoor playground will be a good place for you to go and have fun. In the children’s day, you can either invite your children’s friends or go together with other family members. And in the indoor playground, there is no need to worry about the weather and time, because it provides you with shelter and good services. As parents, trying to overstate their festivals and spare some time form your work, because your company will over-weigh any gift you gave them.

Now, let’s talk about the advantages of the Home Indoor Playground.

First, compared with outdoor amusement parks, indoor playground will provide you with a more comfortable surrounding and your can enjoy your time at ease instead of running around in the outdoor amusement parks where the temperature is hot under the sun. indoor playground are equipped with good equipment which is as good as that in outdoor playground, meanwhile, with the air conditioner to adjust the temperature, you would feel rather comfortable while doing activities. What’s more, there are also games for adults like badmintons, ping-pong, basketball, etc, which make an indoor playground not only suitable for children, but also attracting for adult.

Secondly, indoor playgrounds guarantee the safety for kids. unlike the spacious and crowed outdoor amusement park, indoor playgrounds do better in checking the safety of all the equipment for children, and cameras are installed in the room to make sure that everything is alright, more trust means more responsibility, children’s safety is the basis of an indoor play site seen form the long run.

Thirdly, indoor playgrounds are now trying to serve kids with better services, such as babysitting, safety guard, tutors and so on. They are not only concentrate on the attraction of the equipment, but also fix their eyes on the hidden needs from both parents and kids, this is one of the important reasons that explains the decrease of emergencies happened in indoor playground in recent years. This action indeed moved parents’ who are now more willing to entrust their kids to them.

Generally speaking, indoor playground is a popular place for different activities everyday, not only on the children’s day. So if you really hate the hot weather, then it’s time to choose an indoor playground for summer vocation.

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