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Code:HP-A3010 Size(CM):2400x1600x560 Size(FT):78.7x52.5x19.7 Price(FOB):46800.00

This design are for outside use on beach. This design including overflowing play events for kids to discover during play.

They have 3 lane slide on level three, over the end of fiber glass slide even have a rainbow bridge made by plastic tube.

Inside the pirate ship have large pool full with balls. On the back side have ball blaster area equipped with shooting guns,

cannon and ball blast machine. This play set also with lot of plastic house, rocking house and sand box around the main

play structures.

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Should Indoor Play Structures Focus on Its Decoration Style?

Nowadays, indoor play structures differ from each other ranging from their sizes, equipment and even their decoration styles. As there is a growing tendency that more attention is paid by managers and parents on the equipment and playing environment of indoor play structure, hence people overlooked the importance of a good decoration that is needed. It's common knowledge that most people will choose to have meals in restaurant with quiet phenomenon as well as fragrant decoration, which will please people while they are enjoying their meals. So the same is true of indoor play structures. The better its decoration is, the more benefit kids will obtain. So I believe that indoor playground should not only be decorated with consideration.

As the above mentioned that decoration and phenomenon have an invisible impact on people, therefore, the decoration in indoor play structures will also influence kids without perception from parents and kids themselves. For example, kids born in the family whose parents are both teachers or are skilled in arts and other fields concerned with literature work show the trend of having better habit and doing better in their daily life. It's common to see kids of athletes are good at sports and kids of singers show advantage in singing even though their parents haven't taught them how to do it specially. How kids show their talent in these fields? I think it is the influence of their parents had on them. They are accustomed to the life full of songs, sports or other things, so they can do the same because they think all human can do that. As a result, the decoration of indoor play structure shares the same function as that.

In addition, a better decoration in indoor play structures inspired children's imagination to extent. The situation that kids now are not good at imaging is not only due to those hampers from the society, but also for the reason that everything around their life are fettered in the cage of "normal" or "common", therefore they gradually breed the thought in their mind that this is what the world is supposed to be. Their life lack in specialty, schools, indoor play structures, families or other public places are gradually becoming more and more "standardized" that a lot of interesting things are killed before kids can see them. I hope there could be some change so that kids can have a more colorful childhood.

All in all, in order to have our kids see the world from a different aspect of view, let's start changing it from the decoration of indoor 

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