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Code: HP-A3002 Size(CM):1375x1500x450 Size(FT):49.2x45.1x13.8 Price(FOB):28,400

This three level indoor playground with many play events inside for kids up two years old to explore, this design in castle theme including one spiral slide and one 3 lane fiber glass slides on level three. This design full with tunnel and obstacle on each floor, kids can drill, climbing, hiding and chasing freely. Even with a separate place for ball batter and much more.

Anti-UV kids indoor play, LLDPE Plastic import from Korea!

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kids merry go round

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The Impact of Indoor Playground Equipment in Children’s Growth

As one of the most attracting place that children would choose, the indoors playground is becoming an important part of children’s life. The increasing number of indoor playground in public places like restaurants, supermarkets, movie theaters ect... All shows that children can no longer leave these places. So as there play sites gaining popularity among kids, they are also strongly influencing their life and growth in many different ways. I’m so happy to get the opportunity to introduce some impacts that indoor playequipmentcould have on your kids.

Firstly, indoor playgrounds provide your kids with a wonderful place for kids to make friends with other kids. We all know how important friends are in our life, so it does to kids’ growth. In indoor play structures, the chance of finding a good friend will be doubled than kids who just stay at home or play in somewhere near their home when it comes to making a new friend. In addition, through making friends and playing with them, they will understand how to collaborate with others and the importance of caring as well as sharing, and the experience will do them a favor in making more friends when they go to the school or other public places.

Secondly, different equipment in indoor playground equips them with a chance to do exercises. A good state of health is the foundation of life, so the habit of doing exercise everyday should be developed since they were at a very young age. If you don’t have much time to do exercises with your kids, then you can take them to kids jungle gym where they can do exercise with other children.

Third, indoor playground also helps to cultivate children’s personality. Most kids are too shy or afraid to giving out their emotions and real feeling at home, which does great harm to their growth. It is not very wise to tale with them all the time or just sent for a psychologist to open their heart, because they will be defiant to this. In such situation, what they need most is good environment to relax, to throw away bed emotions, once they are happy, they would be willing to share their secrets with you.

According to the analysis above, we all learned that the function of indoor playground equipment is beyond imagination, they are more than toys or playing area in their life. Of course it is also acceptable to teach your kids in your own ways, like hiring a tutor or sending them to personal institutions, but as far as I’m concerned, the best way of education is by integrating education into playing and practice.

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