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Code:HP-A3009 Size(CM):2000x1900x280 Size(FT):65.5x62.3x9.2 Price(FOB):31700.00

This big indoor play center have large space for kids to running around. Each compact section are connect well by different bridge or tunnel. On ground floor have including lot of kids soft play equipment such as rocking horse, jumping balls, soft stair, soft sofa and building block. On second level more focus on obstacle for kids do more exercise.

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Indoor jungle gym is a perfect place for self-compassion

To survive in this high-pressured, crazy world, most of us have to become highly adept at self-criticism. We learn how to tell ourselves off for our failures, and for not working hard or smart enough. We're sometimes in danger of falling prey to an excessive version of self-criticism, what we might call self-flagellation, a rather dangerous stage which just ushers into pressure and under-performance. We might simply lose the will to get out of bed. For those moments, we need a corrective. We need to carve out time for an emotional state of which many of us are profoundly suspicious: self-compassion. So the indoor jungle gym will be a wonderful place to satisfy people’s need in involving themselves in the emotional relaxes. And it perhaps doesn't work any longer that indoor jungle gym is only served for kids, actually, adults can also find pleasure there.

In the first place, depression and self-hatred are serious enemies of a good life; we need to appreciate the role of self-care in a good, ambitious and fruitful life. To this end, we can perform what we've called, "a self-compassion exercise, "this can be some exercises in the indoor jungle gym, lasting 15 minutes or so. You can either what the children having fun or choose to join them in doing exercises. This will be amazing moment because you are trying to drag your mind and body out of the mire you are in. And your kids will be happy to get your company.

What's more, the time you spend with kids in the indoor jungle gym will have you think about what is the really important aim in your life. Is it the success of career? The fame you are chasing after? Or a lot of money you want to make? Taking some time to think about it. While you are with your kids, don't you ever think that their laughter and smile the ultimate thing that you are chasing after? Life is hard, one can't get in the indulgence of owning what you think is important but unable to achieve, otherwise you will be beaten be failure.

Last but not least, Luck is a genuine feature of existence. We're robbing ourselves of fair consolation by believing that we're entirely in control, and therefore entirely to blame when we crash. You're not only your achievements. Status and material success is one bit of you, but there are others as well. Those who loved you in childhood knew this, and in their best moments, helped you to feel it in the indoor jungle gym.

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