toddler jungle gym

Once kids enter into this toddler jungle gym, they do not want to coming out, this playgrounds have so many different play events for kids to explore. 

1. The train, this train can take 6 kids at a time, have a control box to control the time and speed. it is surrounding the play structures, on backside are under the playgrounds.

2. climbing wall, this climbing wall are to 4.5m height, have safety belt to protect the kids, it is function just like the safety belt on car, big kids like this challenge.

3. The big fiber glass side, ball blaster play area, ball pit, net climbing tunnel and house inside the indoor play structures. kids fell like enter a jungle. 

4. Sand pit, small kids can enjoy to play on the sand pit with small plastic toy. It is cassia seed instant of sand. It is clear and health. even have a slide connect with the play structures.

5. Merry go round, plastic car, soft bench, rocking house, small trampoline, plastic house and so much small toy.

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