Should indoor playground working staff be paid at least as much as teachers


The salary of the teaching staff has been a major concern by the society in recent years. It is not only the salary of those who teach in school need attention from the society, but also the educators in the indoor playground. As a matter of fact, working staff are paid less than most other jobs, like teachers, doctors, and business leaders. Thus, with the purpose of improving such an unfair situation, some people suggest that indoor playground working staff should be paid at least the same as school teachers. From my point of view, I support the idea of raising the overall play level of indoor playground working staff. However, the measuring standard could be flexible.

To begin with, working staff in the indoor playground also play the role of educating children and the contribution they make is not less than teachers in schools, therefore, they deserve ample pays. From the bottom of people's heart, we hold a feeling of respect to all those who illuminate the kids or teach the kids. From the first day when a kid leaves his parents and join a group of other kids, these teachers are their leaders, protectors and also their friends. Dating back to the distant Warring States period of time is China, people had already believed in the famous saying that a tutor for a day is a father for a lifetime. Yes, without the guidance in children's early childhood, it is easy for them to lose directions. So we need to cherish the effort of teachers.

However, each profession should have its own criteria of salary standard. The paying volume also differs among different fields, it is absolutely unnecessary for all of them to adopt a uniform paying measure. Even within the same occupational domain, methods of payments might be varied among individuals. To further illustrate, a lawyer could be paid according to his reputation. If he won a vital case, he could earn more. The same is true of the pays of working staff in indoor playground. The more popular he is among children, the more payment he deserves. If all is paid equally without considering about their contribution, then the overall working efficiency in the place will be largely reduced.


Generally speaking, our society is in need of a more flexible and scientific salary system to ensure that all teachers, both in schools and indoor playgrounds, could be fairly paid. For example, teachers should be paid according to how well they get along with children and how much progress kids have made. Those who can teach kids with better behaviors and with good behaviors of course can be rewarded with a salary promotion. In addition, if a teacher has successfully completed major projects and other tasks, he also deserves a higher pay. In a word, there should be a standard of levels of payment which is based on fairness.  

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