Can indoor playground be a companion for children in New Years Eve

In the eyes of most Chinese people, New Year's Eve is a holy Festival in which everyone has to stay with other family members. It is Chinese people's tradition to stay up late until the next day, which is called "Shousui" in China. People stay up late for the wishes of keeping their families healthy and rich, so adults would not allow kids to play outside. However, with the fast development of the society, people are getting more and more unfamiliar with Chinese traditions, especially those who live in cities. Nowadays, people have a lot of outdoor activities in the New Year's Eve, such as going out for movies, shopping having parties or singing in KTV... staying at home seems to them a boring and meaningless thing. As for kids, they also prefer to have fun in amusement parks or somewhere else like indoor playground where they can find a lot of companions.  

For one thing, some children treat some of our traditions as a kind of lock which restrains their freedom. But it would be a pity if today's children fail to inherit these precious traditions. But if we want to teach them to learn such tradition by forcing them to learn, this will hurt their passion and confidence about traditional culture. Therefore, the most efficient way to inspire children's interests is by adding things children love it, take the indoor playground for example. Since children prefer things that can bring them happiness, while Chinese traditions fail to do that, but if there is a small indoor playground at the corner of home, it would be easier for children to stay at home with their family members instead of longing for hanging out with their friends on this special day.

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