Can children enjoy themselves better when playing in outdoor playground in big cities

Controversial discussion comparing cities with the countryside have continued for years. So far there has been no definite conclusion from either side. We round of debate started, concerned with whether living in a big city makes it more convenient for kids to have fun in the outdoor playground or in the countryside. Some say that outdoor playground in big cities provide children with better service and more special experience than those in the countryside; while other hold the view that outdoor playground in the countryside provide kids with a more natural, quieter and safer environment for kids to have fun. While as far as I'm concerned, both advantages and disadvantages exist within both environments.


is an ample supply of daily necessities in urban districts. The advantage network of public transport makes it easier for people to commute to different locations, including shopping malls, parks and restaurants, etc. medical care is also more accessible, with hospitals being set up on all corners of the city. Thus, health problems could be addressed in a timely manner. Meanwhile, children's favorite place for creation-- the outdoor playground will be more accessible and be more interesting. All the above are the advantages of living on big cities.


However, some undesirable aspects of city life should be considered. For example, pollution has been one of the most serious troubles in the city. Waste gas is being emitted into the air from various sources, including vehicles and industrial plants. Furthermore, the environment is also being negatively affected by high levels of noise pollution. Pollutants are everywhere to be found in urban area, thus posing a big threat to those who live there. Though some outdoor playgrounds are built far from the center of the city, it is impossible for them to totally escape from the pollution. Children who play there will more or less influenced by the environment.


In contrast, the natural environment in the countryside offers positive benefits to people's health. In rural areas, people can breathe fresh air, smell the flowers and enjoy beautiful scenery. Green trees, vast fields and majestic mountains are all pleasing to the eye. It is the relaxed lifestyle of the countryside than can totally refresh a person's mind. If kids can spare their time in the outdoor playgrounds of the countryside, their health will no doubt be improved. Actually, being close to nature is the biggest treasure that people wish to get in today's world. However, the disadvantage of licking in the countryside is that the undeveloped infrastructure can cause inconvenience.


In conclusion, both living in the countryside and in big cities have advantages and disadvantages. What we can do is to make the best choice for both you and your children. Taking one or two most important things as the standard, rather than to worry about all the disadvantages and I guess that's the best way to satisfy both parts when choose outdoor playground equipment. 

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