Can children's effort of keeping the environment in indoor jungle gym clean

With more and more pollution added to the planet, issues concerning the environment are still on the rise. In the face of such complex situation, more efficient actions need to be taken, or else our home might no longer endure human in-habitation in the unpredictable future. Before it is too late to mend past faults, neither adults and children can be excused from the responsibility of solving these problems. There is no denying that schools nowadays are teaching kids more about the necessity of protecting the environment, but few would follow it after classes. So as far as I'm concerned, the consciousness of protecting environment should be planted into children's mind when they are little kids and indoor jungle gym can also be a good place to spread the idea of environment protection.

In the first place, children are no small contributions to the complexity of environment issue. We can find evidence in many aspects. For instance, the use of over decorated snacks add burden to the pollution, the material used to decorate food can neither be recycled or to pack other things. Children ask their parents to buy them mainly for the reason that they are lovely and they want to share it with their friends in the indoor jungle gym. Furthermore, the rubbish children make every day can be mounted up to a very huge number, which will undeniably lead to serious pollution problems of the waste is piling up and cannot be treated in time. If children are taught about the knowledge of environment protection when they are in indoor jungle gym, they'll make their home and classroom a clean place, too.


Secondly, the ignorance of ignorance of adults and their over reliance to the government or environment protecting organizations will undoubtedly make matters worse. Suppose 

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