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Code: HP-B1607 Size(CM):2000x1000x320 Size(FT):65.6x32.8x10.5 Price(FOB):21,800

This ocean theme soft play equipment made by TPU material, TPU is new material on kids play structures, the benefit of this material is can be shaped on any form, that how all these exotic figure made out, the nature of TPU material is soft on surface like cover by rubber. Kids can play safety on these play system. The disadvantage of this material is expensive.

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Angel playground equipment Co.,Ltd located in Qiaoxia, Wenzhou. We development, design, produce indoor and outdoor playground equipment, fitness, rubber mat, spring game and kids furniture for park, school, home, kindergarten, mall, community etc…

We are the leading supplier of indoor playground over 20 years experience and export to over 45 countries

Why would you choose Angel playground as your partner.

Save Trouble: We offer one stop solution, anything you need for running indoor playground business can be find here, we assist you from very beginning: location analysis, design, delivery, installation, we take care all for you!

Save Money: There are no Exclusive and Agency and Distributor between you and suppliers, we are manufactures that cut off all intermediate link. With decades of experience on produce, we know exactly how to save cost on produce same time guarantee high quality.

Save Time: We guarantee the fast delivery and quick response to any of your requirement, our employee are well trained, can immediately react to any of your double. It is only take 2 days for we design out one attractive play structures and is free. We guarantee delivery time in 15 days, for small order in 10 days!

Design, price, delivery and installation:

Design: indoor playground is customized product, a good design determinate the final result of play equipment, a good design can mixed all fun elements in limited space, maximum the function in good style and theme that attract kids and parents. With years of development, angel playground have many new models which rare on market. That is how we can make unique and multifunction play structures.

Price: Angel playground may not the cheapest supplier you find on website, but if comprehensive comparison analysis on quality, price and service, we truly will be your best supplier. About price that is one buyer need to know, the price not depend on square meter, but components, new components like TPU, net playground, racing car, devil slide will be huge different compare with plastic slide, ball pit and trampoline.

Delivery: We shipping everywhere over the world, check with your consult for freight by offer port name, things buyer need to know about delivery is import duty and dock cost. Import duty in USA is free; other country may have 4 to 13 percent of contract value as customs duty, you can check with local customs clearance company by HS code 95069900 (playground equipment)

Installation: cooperation with Angel playground that is not needs worry about it at all. We do it for you. Even do assemble by yourself will be easier as you thought. Because we will do installation of metal and plastic parts before delivery, we will mark parts with number and sending 3D installation diagram.

Why running indoor playground for business

There are three main reasons for doing this business, this is low risk project with small investment and high returns.

Small investment: indoor playground is one time investment, unlike any other consumer goods, there are no stock, no wastage, once the playground be installed will last for years. You do not need a land; you can rent the place from mall by share some of your incoming like 20% of ticket sale.

Low risk: since the investment is low on equipment, the only continuous cost will be rent of place, even this cost is lower than before thanks to E-business. And this trend will continue. Peoples buy things from internet on better price, have more option and save time, playground is the experience economy which not possible share on internet. This trend will also continue because kids spend too much time on cell-phone and computer is not health. You can consider indoor playground business is growing sunrise industry.

High returns: Stay in sunrise industry always has good future. Play equipment bring fun to kids and whole family, the owner always can get good returns by sale ticket, gift, host birthday party, also some slide-line produce can be benefit because your visitor will hanging over hours. You can offer snacks, coffee, toys…

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