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Code: HP-JC009 Size(CM):800x450x450 Size(FT):26.2x14.8x14.8 Price(FOB):7155

Top Sale trampoline park, free design customized trampoline, dodgeball trampoline, kids indoor trampoline

Size(m): 300x300x500


Jumping MatImported from United Stated

Foam PadEPE, waterproof closed-cell foam, not easy to lose shape

Pad0.45mm thick PVC, anti-water and anti-mildew

TubesGalvanized Steel Pipe, Powder Coated

Size: 50*100mm

Thickness: 3.5mm, can be customized

Springs:19cm and 21cm not extended length, super high-strength Chrome plated, of good elastic performance

Trampoline mat: Professional Olympic trampoline mats available

Age RangeAbove 5 years old

Certification ApprovalCE Certificate, TUV..

PackingCotton & Plastic film

RemarksKids should play under supervision and instruction

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Should Indoor Trampoline Park Adopt Kids of all Kinds? 

Indoor Trampoline Park, as we all know, is a place for fierce games and 
activities, therefore all the activities require kids to be strong enough to 
deal with different problems. But it seems to be a little unfair to forbid weak 
kids from joining these activities although the trampoline park made such 
decision as the consideration of children's benefit. While the problem that 
puzzles people is that whether the decision suit for the common virtue in 
today's society. Should we deprived kids of their right to try things of 
challenge just because we think it is not good to their health? As far as I'm 
concerned, I'm really against this kind of view.

First of all, forbid some groups of weak kids from having fun in the 
indoor trampoline park are actually expressing the defaulted moral of 
discrimination. It is really not a good thing to have kids to be informed of 
what is unjust and how they will be differently treated because of their 
physical disability. This is not the role that a positive playground should 
play. What they are supposed to do is trying to figure out how to help the kids 
get out of the shadow in their life rather than keep them out of the door of 
happiness just for the so called "protection".

Secondly, wake children will never become strong if they don't do 
exercises. Since trampoline park provides kids with pretty good chances to 
exercise their muscle and bones, their state of health will also be largely 
improved. As a consequence, through the training they received in the trampoline 
park, they may gradually become stronger than other healthy children. Shouldn't 
this be the ultimate goal of all playgrounds for children? Don't you think it is 
a little wield for the trampoline park to forbid some groups of kids from 
entering to have fun?

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