indoor trampoline

Code: HP-JC002 Size(CM):1640x1000x250 Size(FT):53.8x32.8x8.2 Price(FOB):11840

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Size(m): 1640x1000x250


Jumping MatImported from United Stated

Foam PadEPE, waterproof closed-cell foam, not easy to lose shape

Pad0.45mm thick PVC, anti-water and anti-mildew

TubesGalvanized Steel Pipe, Powder Coated

Size: 50*100mm

Thickness: 3.5mm, can be customized

Springs:19cm and 21cm not extended length, super high-strength Chrome plated, of good elastic performance

Trampoline mat: Professional Olympic trampoline mats available

Age RangeAbove 5 years old

Certification ApprovalCE Certificate, TUV..

PackingCotton & Plastic film

RemarksKids should play under supervision and instruction

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Children Like Trampoline Park for 
Its Exciting Activities

Playgrounds of different kinds hold 
different attractions to children, but they share the same function in amusing 
kids. Take the trampoline park for example, some kids dare not to take a try for 
they are afraid of getting hurt, while others love it for activities in 
trampoline park are more exciting than that in other indoor playground. As 
parents, they shouldn't interfere children's decision to choose a playground 
that they like to stay. Then what kind of exciting activities there are in the 
trampoline park? Let's have a chitchat about it.

Firstly, children can take the 
chance of jumping freely without their parents criticizing them beside their 
ears. In the trampoline park, jumping is a normal activity here rather than a 
mischievous action of naughty kids. Most kids like to jump, it is common to see 
them jumping on the sofa, on the bed, and even on the stairs. However, jumping 
on furniture is something dangerous for children because they've got no 
protection from injuries. Therefore, their parents would always stop them from 
doing so. But when in trampoline park, things will be different, children can 
get both protections as well as amusement.

Secondly, children can so activities 
freely in the trampoline part because there are spacious rooms for them to jump 
around. Jumping equipment is soft and flexible, which will leave children a very 
good impression when they are touch the material. Different from the playing 
equipment in indoor playground, devices in the trampoline park are always tender 
and comfortable. Children like soft things much more than hard and cold 

Thirdly, trampoline park provides 
children with a spacious room where they can have fun with any other kids here. 
They can even invite their parents to join them and have fun. They can play 
games under the organization of the tutors, and these games enable them to 
experience the happiness that they can seldom enjoy in normal playground. The 
tasks in these activities may be much difficult for the kids to complete but it 
is not bad to have kids get used to the life of some challenges. In conclusion, 
with the development of technical, trampoline parks are no as dangerous as 
parents thought to be, and most kids will have a great time having fun there 
instead of getting themselves hurt. So, if your kids are fond of exciting games 
and it wise action for parents satisfy their eagerness by taking them to the 
trampoline park. I'm sure they'll like and it would not discount you, 

trampoline and enclosure

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