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Code:HP-A1610 Size(CM):2500x1000x280 Size(FT):82x32.8x9.2 Price(FOB): 39,800

This jungle themed indoor playground are overflowing play events, from the play house, the main play frame to the expanding facility. This design have one elephant slide, this slide have three lane, two line are tube slide and one in middle is made by stainless steel. Toddler have their play event such as sand box and merry go round.

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Indoor Playgrounds Help Kids learn Olympic Spirit

The Rio Olympic is still on, athletes are competing fiercely with each other in the competition. However, an accident happened on the playground educate us what Olympic spirit is. A New Zealand and US athlete have been praised for embodying Olympic spirit after they stopped to help each other up after falling together midway through their race. New Zealand Distance runner Nikki and US runner Abbey were four laps from the end of the 5000m in Rio when they collided. Yes, what Olympic athlete should do is not only to win medals for their own country, but to help those in needs and give our sincere praise to those who are better than us. Therefore, children, though as young as those who are playing in the indoor playgrounds, should be taught the spirit of helping each other. And indoor playground is no doubt the best place to equip them with qualities of this kind.

On the one hand, in the course of game playing in the indoor playgrounds, especially in doing teamwork activities, children are provided with choices of whether to help their team mates or not. The selection is the reflection of their characters. Of course I believe most of them would choose to give a hand, but there are still some who don't. Parents should take the chance to educate them in on the spot with the importance to helping others in time with the help of playground equipment.

On the other hand, children would enjoy the true happiness by helping their partners out. Theories are always far from enough to have kids feel the Essenes of some vital knowledge, it is through practice that you can make your kids realize the significance of the spirit of helping each other. Children at home have no access to their friends or game partners, while kids in the indoor playgrounds are on the totally different position. They got not only numerous friends, but also a lot of practices of mutual assistance.

In conclusion, the education of Olympic spirit is of essential importance to be taught to kids no matter they are old enough for schools or are just playing in the indoor playground. However, as schools are becoming more profit-intended, kids can seldom be taught what is really significant in their life, on the contrary, indoor playgrounds works better in educating children with truly useful qualities. Since the Rio Olympic have moved and depressed us from different aspects, we should have our kids accept the influence as us, too.

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