what inside indoor playground equipment

Code:170320 Size(CM):2250x1750x650 Size(FT):73.8x57.4x21.3 Price(FOB): 46,900

There are too many design, too many components in each design, but what exactly the design including? Lot of new clients in this business have not ideal at all. Hope this file will be clear enough for you understand better what exactly the indoor playground equipment will be including.

View from Front (Image 1)

Back view (Image 2)

Height (Image 3)

soft indoor playground equipment

Size and price (Image 4)

size and indoor playground equipment prices

Level 1 (Image 5)

Level 2 (Image 6)

Level 3 (Image 7)

Level 4 (Image 8)

One more design for reference

Front view (1)

Size (Image 2)

Level 1 (Image 3)

elements inside indoor playground equipment

Level 2 (Image 4)

level 2 (Image 3)

Level 3 (Image 5)

Level 4 (Image 6)

Side View(Image 7)

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