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indoor playground equipment

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Indoor Playgrounds Should Spread Gender Equality to Young Children and Parents

Gender equality has powerful potential to improve the economy, security and the overall well-being of a population. "If the world closed the gender gap in workforce participation, global Gross Domestic Product would increase by 28 trillion dollars by 2025. . ." said U. S. Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women's Issues Catherine Russell in a recent speech. She also noted that "studies have found that countries with less gender inequality are more secure, and peace agreements last longer when women are at the negotiating table." Gender equality is not a goal that relies on government to realize, but also depend on individuals of the young generation. Therefore, it is necessary to start the education of gender equality since they are little kids in the indoor playgrounds.

On the one hand, it remains a grueling task since ancient times to erase the existence of gender discrimination. All countries, no matter the developed ones or the developing ones, are no doubt facing the difficulty in the revolution of gender equality. However, though much effort has been made, there is still little achievement of progress. Looking back to the historical effort that people made to change the state of women. We found that most of these Revolutions are led by government, it has little to do with common people, or rather, the children, and there is something new that should be added to their text books. And even when they are playing in the indoor playground, they should be taught from time to time to protect gender equality.

On the other hand, it is often not easy for some adults to accept gender equality, but not for young children. And it is a good chance to educate kids with the knowledge of gender equality in the indoor playground equipment. Boys can learn to respect girls since young, and girls can be taught about how to respect themselves and meanwhile how to win respect from others. Gender equality can be seen through their games, their opinions about others and even through boys' attitude toward girls while they are playing the same game in the indoor playgrounds, therefore, we should make good use of kids play place to give them education about gender equality.

In general, indoor playground equipment is not a place that only for kids to have some simple games, but also a place that is suitable to start education about gender equality among young children. To achieve the goal of gender equality is not the responsibility of government or adults, but also an indispensable leaning part of all kids in the indoor playgrounds.

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